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What if a 20 KT Bomb was detonated in Washington DC?

Articles: This appeared in Disaster Survival Magazine #6

Okay so I am asked all the time what I think would be the most likely scenario for an NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) attack to occur on US soil and what would be the effects. I answer them by saying a small tactical nuclear device, delivered in a Ryder truck, parked next to the capitol building in DC and detonated at noon on a Wednesday. Now, I don’t know why Ryder trucks, it just seems that terrorists prefer Ryder but a small tactical nuke just because there are so many of them and even a small one is around 20 Kiloton. A well-funded and well equipped terrorist group could even build a small nuclear device on their own. It would most likely be a terrorist group and detonating it at noon on Wednesday just to create the most casualties. Continue reading What if a 20 KT Bomb was detonated in Washington DC?