Biological Weapons

Bio Weapon From Wikipedia

Biological WeaponsA biological weapon is a weapon that delivers toxins or pathogens (like bacteria or viruses), with the goal of making people sick or killing them. Biological weapons are also called bio-weapons. Their use in war is called biological warfare.

A bio weapon usually has two parts. The first is the bio agent (also called a, bio threat agent, or bio warfare agent). This is the pathogen that is meant to make people sick. The second is the delivery system – how the bio agent is going to get to and expose the people it is supposed to infect.

Some bio-agents can be “weaponized” – changed to make them more dangerous. For example, sometimes scientists can change a pathogen’s genes so the pathogen is deadlier, and so it will not be killed by usual antidotes or treatments. Some bio-agents can be changed so they are easier to store, spread, or use as weapons.

As of 2016, there are more than 1,200 different kinds of bio-agents that could be made into weapons.

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