Do you think a Chemical Weapons attack is likely?

Do you think a Chemical Weapons attack is likely?

Chemical attacks have already occurred so they are very likely to Do you think a Chemical Weapons attack is likely?continue! This past week in the UK two people were poisoned by a never agent in a public park. A few years ago a man was killed by a chemical agent in the Tokyo Airport.

Now one can say that both of these were part of some international intrigue and I would never be a part of that. Well let me tell you that Chemical weapons are not a precision type instrument, they do not have a snipers scope, or laser guidance, and they go in unattended places and kill unintended people. Do you really think that whoever used the Chemical weapons in Syria wanted to target a hospital and kill children?

So the real question is what can you do to protect yourself from Chemical weapons, right? I highly recommend a product call RSDL (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion) from Emergent BioSolutions. This is the ONLY medical counter measure for Chemical warfare agents that is on the market today. It will remove or neutralize these Chemical warfare agents:
• Tabun
• Sarin
• Soman
• Cyclohexyl Sarin
• VX
• HD (Mustard)
• T2 Toxin
RSDL is new to the civilian market place (since Oct 17) but it is not a new product. It has been used by the US Department of Defense for over 10 years and is used by over 30 counties worldwide including Israel. I have actually had the occasion to use this in a live Nerve Agent environment so I know that it works. In my opinion this should be in every persons get home bag or bug out bag hands down. It is even more important for those in an urban environment or a high risk area because Chemical weapons are more effective there and have a higher probability of use.

I must make a small disclaimer here. The lawyers tell me that I must inform you that I am a paid consultant for the company and I am. What the lawyers do not know is that I would tell you about this product even if they were not paying me, because it works. If I did not believe in this product 100% I would not be working for the company at all!


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More about on Chemical Weapons to follow!