What about Smallpox?

What about Smallpox?

What about Small Pox?I was recently asked about Smallpox and if I thought we are better prepared now then we were right after 911. If you recall right after the events of 911 we had an Anthrax attack, which is a post for another day, but we as a country worried about a follow up biological attack. We needed to be better prepared because frankly our butts were hanging out and we knew it.The US began vaccinating military personal, first responders and medical personnel for Smallpox and Anthrax. We stockpile some antibiotics and attempted to nationalize a response to what could be a bigger attack then 911.

Then as you can hear right now crickets! As the events of 911 faded from our collective memories so did our national preparedness for a biological attack. Oh our military still get vaccinated, if they are deploying to a high threat area but not much else. Our national response to a biological attack fades away slowly with only a few remnants of the once great build up remaining. (See article below)

We are slightly better prepared than before 911 but we are not prepared to respond effectively to any biological attack on US soil. In my next post I will explain why we are not ready for this attack and the shortfalls I see as major problems in response. If the response to this flu season is any indication of our readiness you can easily see we are not prepared.

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything and I am very sorry for that! I will try very hard to put new and relevant topics up as much as I can. My goal is to post at least once a week, so let’s see if I can achieve this goal. One thing I will commit to is I will never post anything just to post something. I will only post relevant topics of interest as it relates to WMD maters. I will not waste my time or yours with topics that have nothing to do with why you come to my site.

Thanks for reading and more to follow!


Senate health committee begins reapproval process for nation’s hazards preparedness law